Asymmetric Polychromatic Tripartite Entanglement from Interlinked χ(2)Parametric Interactions


We examine the tripartite entanglement properties of an optical system using interlinked $ ensuremath chi(̂2)$ interactions, recently studied experimentally in terms of its phase-matching properties by Bondani et al. [Opt. Express 14, 21, 9838 (2006)]. We show that the system produces output modes at three distinct frequencies which are genuinely tripartite entangled, and analyze this entanglement in terms of different measurable correlations. We show that, due to the asymmetry of the process, the detection of this entanglement depends crucially on the correlation functions that are measured. We find that some of the correlations found in the literature fail to register the entanglement, in contrast to symmetric systems, for which the actual choice of correlation to be measured makes little difference.

Physical Review A