Tripartite Entanglement and Threshold Properties of Coupled Intracavity Down-Conversion and Sum-Frequency Generation


The process of cascaded down-conversion and sum-frequency generation inside an optical cavity has been predicted to be a potential source of three-mode continuous-variable entanglement. When the cavity is pumped by two fields, the threshold properties have been analyzed, showing that these are more complicated than in well-known processes such as optical parametric oscillation. When there is only a single pumping field, the entanglement properties have been calculated using a linearized fluctuation analysis, but without any consid- eration of the threshold properties or critical operating points of the system. In this work we extend this analysis to demonstrate that the singly pumped system demonstrates a rich range of threshold behavior when quantization of the pump field is taken into account and that asymmetric polychromatic entanglement is available over a wide range of operational parameters.

Physical Review A